Things a Mobile Home Inspector Looks For During the Inspection

One of the most essential steps while purchasing a mobile home is opting for an inspection before making the final decision. A home inspector is usually hired by the buyer for assessing every nook and cranny of the house, for which the buyer is willing to buy. So what are the basic things that a well trained inspector looks for while inspecting a mobile home? Read on to find out!

Structural elements

An expert mobile home inspector won’t hesitate in climbing up on the roof tops, crawling into narrow attics or stomping the floors; these are the essentials that a home inspector looks for. Especially in the mobile homes that are located in hurricane prone areas, the inspector looks for the roof trusses to make sure they are properly attached to the framing, followed by the inspection of walls to find out any cracks or leakages.

Roof assessment

The roof of the mobile home needs close inspection to make sure it is fitted securely. The home inspector looks for loose fittings, tiles or gravels on the roof, while, the chimneys and exhaust pipes are also inspected to ensure proper sealants.

Plumbing issues

Next up is the plumbing problems that the mobile home inspector looks for. He makes sure to examine all the pipes, drains, wastage systems and vents to figure out if there are any signs of water leakages or deposits left in the piping. The inspector also ensures proper fitting of all the filtering equipments and the gas pipelines.

Electrical components

A home inspector guarantees the examination of all the electrical fixtures ranging from conductors, distribution panels to electrical boards and grounding components to ensure their proper fitting and safe operation.


Once the mobile home inspector is done with all the structural components, next up are the interiors. Starting from the staircases, floors, carpeting, cabinetry to the windows, doors and counters, every item is thoroughly assessed by the home inspector. After the examination, the inspector also cites those items in the final report that are not functioning properly and need to be repaired.

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